Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 31: Winter Squash Ravioli, Prep Work. Step 3: Assemble Ravioli

I've never made ravioli, so I was pretty excited to get started.  Unfortunately the dough was pretty dry.  I have to confess I thought I should have added more water and kneaded a little longer, but after making bread a couple times this week my wrists were sore so I didn't work the dough as long as I should have.  I cut the dough into four portions, and once I got the dough rolling it went pretty smoothly.  You can look here if you want more information on making and rolling out the dough.

After each quarter was rolled out, I went ahead and filled, formed, and cut the raviolis.  I have two sided biscuit cutters, and I used the fluted end.  I'm sorry I didn't take many any pictures, but it was a little overwhelming rolling, filling and cutting, and quite frankly I forgot to take some shots!

I can't wait for Paul to get home!

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